Sins of the Father

Old News


30 March 2008
  • HAHA! The most recent story has been converted to the new format. Now they are all caught up with… Check out Smoke and Mirrors and leave a comment!
27 March 2008
  • Return to Vallaki has been converted… now all that’s left is the final story (a 33 page story though) so that will wait until the weekend!!
26 March 2008 25 March 2008 24 March 2008 23 March 2008
  • Check out the new layout and organization… I’m applying it from the beginning, so check out the very first game! Please leave comments there if you want… :)
22 March 2008
  • I’m in the process of changing the layout and adding more content. Any suggestions? Send me a message or leave a post… do you hate the icons? Love the icons? Want less wiki links? More pictures? Let me know…
  • No game this weekend, perhaps next week.
18 March 2008
  • Part 1, The Dark Temple
  • Part 2, The Seal and
  • Part 3, Smoke and Mirrors are now complete, though still getting final tweaks, including supplemental wiki links, journals and images. But the story is done.



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