The Angel

An Angel Statue of significance.


Covered in vines and natural debris, the Angel has stood with her arms outstretched toward the Church of the Morninglord in Vallaki for almost 20 years. No one spoke of the Angel until Charsen investigated after having a strange dream.

In his dream, the Angel was crying with her arms outstretched toward the Church. When he removed some of the brush, he noticed a faded inscription to a man who died at that location 19 years earlier – an age which coincides with Charsen’s birth and subsequent admittance to the Orphanage.

When he asked some of the locals, namely the Tavernkeeps Vlad and Heda, they seemed to avoid the subject with much awkwardness.

Later that week, Charsen had a dream that the statue was crying for him. He wandered into the Church yard in his nightclothes and saw the statue holding the gutted body of a man dressed in the local guard Bruhn’s armor. Suddenly Charsen awoke to a concerned Father Lorn shaking his shoulder in the Church yard, and he realized he was sleep walking along with his dream.

When Charsen brought up this last vision with Heda, she confessed that she knew about this statue. It was a monument to a man who died while fighting some unknown horror that had chased a pregnant woman from the deep woods 19 years ago. The man died a most gruesome death but the terrible beast retreated, and his armor was passed to the next guardsman in town. The traumatized woman gave birth to a son – to Charsen – and then she died.

Though Charsen suspected Heda might know more, she did not volunteer more information.

The statue is not actually a PC, but can act like an NPC in dream states.


Not so much a character as a human sized memorial of bronze set in the West side of the churchyard. Was abandoned to the elements until Charsen recently cleared the site and cleaned the statue. It apparently serves as a testament to Kardan and Briston’s sacrifice.

The Angel

Sins of the Father Charsen