Priest of the Morninglord


Low to mid 20s in age, 5’8”-5’10”, lean. Tan to dark skinned with dark brown to black shoulder-length hair, pronounced cheekbones and a vulpine face. No facial hair. Overall has a benevolent smile and kind, genuine eyes.

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Character Sheet This may not be accurate, will update ASAP!

  • Hit Points: 22
  • AC: 16
  • BAB: +3
  • Weapon: A simple mace (d8).
  • Armor: Unadorned studded leather (+2).
  • Gold: 12gp.
  • +3 Charisma
  • +0 Intelligence
  • +2 Wisdom
  • +1 Strength
  • +1 Constitution
  • +2 Dexterity
Skill Ranks (no modifiers)
  • +5 Diplomacy
  • +5 Heal
  • +2 Perform (vocal)
  • +5 Sense Motive
  • +2 Knowledge (Religion)
  • +1 Knowledge (Nobility)
  • +0 Spot/Search/Listen
  • Smite unnatural 1/day
  • Power Attack
  • Divine grace
  • Lay on hands
  • Aura of courage
  • Divine health
  • Weapon Focus (mace)

Charsen was raised all of his life in the Church of the Morninglord in Vallakis with other orphans. Though not encouraged to enter the clergy, he felt a calling to it as far back as he could remember.

He works with the Orphans at the Church of the Morninglord and gives sermons a few days out of the week so Father Lorn can watch the Sunrise in peaceful meditation.

He loves to work in his garden surrounding the Church, and loves baking cookies and playing games with the children. He is not very knowledgeable about anything wild, such as animals or the dense forests, but he has great respect for plants and animals that thrive under the warmth of the Sun.


Sins of the Father Charsen