"You are a hole in the tapestry"


Originally Lvl 3 druid, high wisdom, low physical stats. Has very good survival, heal, and knowledge nature checks.

Now that we’re in World of Darkness, and in light of recent information about her lineage, she is being played in the Changeling system although technically she is a full blooded fae. Her stats are as follows.

Virtue Temperance, Vice Pride, Seeming Elemental, Kith Woodblood, Court Spring

Int 2 Str 2 Pres 3 Wits 3 Dex 3 Mnp 1 Res 3 Sta 1 Comp 3

Mental – Academics 1 (Nature) Investigation 1 Medicine 2

Physical – Athletics 1 Firearms 1 Stealth 1 (in forest) Survival 2 (tracking) Weaponry 2

Social – Animal Ken 4 (Taming the Beast) Emapthy 2 Expression 2 Persuasion 2 Socialize 1

Merits – Mantle (Spring) Striking Looks 2

Contracts – Eternal Spring 3 Elemental 3

Wyrd 3


Elaanara, formerly Elaana, has recently realized remembered her background and who she is. Elaanara is from the land of Forlorn south of Barovia. Her father, Bapheth, was the keeper of the Spring Court. However the keeper of the Winter court orchestrated a war between the spring, summer, and autumn courts that left them devastated and while they were hurt he and his armies murdered all that were left. Elaanara fled for her life but has come to realize that she is the true, and last, keeper of the Spring Court. She hopes to build her powers and find allies, other Fae who have fled to Barovia, and return to reclaim her throne and restore balance to the land of Forlorn.


Sins of the Father Jamaili