A disfigured girl sought by the Church of the Morninglord as a Caliban who will be put to death.


Not quite human, not quite monster, this girl is considered disfigured, unhuman and dangerous by average Barovians. A devout follower of the Church of the Morninglord, she clings to her beliefs despite the Church’s repeated attempts to capture and destroy her.

Originally from Barovia Proper, Kailen escaped to the small town of Vallaki and was taken in by Elaana, Charsen and Reynard after a rogue paladin tried to kill innocents in order to get to Kailen.

  • defended herself against Christophe.
  • lived in the Orphanage wine cellar while in hiding.
  • murdered a church assassin from Barovia in Elaana’s home.
  • while critically injured, she was healed while slumbering in some kind of strange hole in the forest.
  • dressed as Reynard’s fully veiled Gundarakite wife, trying to blend in.
  • Killed a man of the church that attacked her
  • Was healed by Feydras
  • Traveled to Forlorn
  • had dreams of a baby’s funeral


Sins of the Father Charsen