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At first light, after Charsen finished his prayers in a somewhat hurried manner, the groupe set off for Barovia City to locate and hopefully retrieve Father Lorne. Kailen was extremely hesitant to return to the place where she had only recently escaped a torturous existence, but Reynard cleverly disguised her as his new bride and promised she would not have to enter the Cathedral. She wore a nearly full face veil and head scarf, as is customary for traditional Gundarakite brides.

The trip to Barovia Proper was not eventful, as the roads are well traveled by merchants, guards and pilgrims nearly every day. They arrived in the city and rented a room at an inn on the outskirts of town, and Kailen settled in the room and wisely declined to accompany the others as they ventured into the main city.

Elaana, Reynard, Kadar and Charsen then entered the grand Cathedral of the Morninglord, seat of the Bishop, and requested audience. They expected to be told to return another day due to his Holiness’ no doubt busy schedule. To their surprise, they were given nearly immediate access to his Holy chamber.

Bishop Vostov had a face carved of ice, with a frozen stare of malice and an overwhelming aura of ill-will that extended to most of the troupe. Charsen felt uncomfortable, but seemed to be more angry and concerned about Father Lorne than uneasy.

“Greetings, your Grace. I am grateful that you could see us this blessed day,” Charsen bowed gracefully before Bishop Vostov and sat with the others.

“What can I do… for you,” Vostov’s voice was cold and halting as he squinted at the young priest momentarily. His gaze quickly moved to Elaana and then Kadar, lingering thoughtfully over each.

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25 March 08

Full Text For Lorne

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