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On the way home from Krezk, they had just passed the Merchants’ Inn, and were halfway back to Vallaki when Krezk caught up with them.

With a sickening pop, Kadar’s horse fell on its front legs and Kadar was thrown to the ground. Reynard knew it was a trap, and he ran back to assist the wounded Kadar while Charsen and Elaana pulled the other horse behind the tree line to shield it from the attacks. Crossbow bolts popped against tree trunks by their heads, but the attackers were otherwise still hidden.

For several minutes sporadic bolts pelleted their meager natural tree-shields. Charsen and Elaana became separated as Kadar climbed a tree to get a better view of the situation. Charsen was looking for his armor in the horse pack when he realized Elaana was missing, and he began to move after her immediately. The fight came head to head with their hidden attackers when Kadar’s tree caught fire from some sort of thrown firebomb, causing the portly scholar to tumble to the ground again, cursing and howling in pain.

Elaana pulled two attackers from their position, and another was approached from behind by Reynard. Charsen charged into the fray and attacked one of Elaana’s attackers and managed to help her take him down. Charsen saw the next man swing at Elaana, causing a large wound to swell along her body. Foolishly, Charsen stepped between Elaana and the attacker, taking the full blow to Charsen’s side as he laid his hands upon her soul and prayed to his Lord for her health. When he was satisfied with her health, he had taken several hits himself, nearly to his own demise. However, the remaining foe was quickly defeated when the troupe focused their final strikes on a single target.

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Full Text Grim Tidings

Sins of the Father Charsen