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“Elaana? Reynard?” Charsen approached the cabin north of Vallaki and saw the two standing in the doorway, talking with Kadar. “Is everything alright?”

Kadar turned to look at Charsen and then craned his head to look around. “Anyone with you?”

“No, I came alone. Why do you ask?” Charsen smiled and waved to Kailen, who was sitting in the house juggling her knives in the air.

“What brings you here, Charsen? Is Father Lorne alright?” Elaana looked concerned as she glanced between Reynard and Charsen.

“I think we should leave -” Charsen started to say, but was immediately cut off by Kadar.

“I agree, that’s a good idea.” Kadar pointed at Charsen and nodded emphatically.

“Why should we go, Charsen?” Reynard crossed his arms and leaned against Elaana’s home.

“I don’t know details, but Father Lorne is worried that more Church officials may arrive from Barovia. He thinks we should all go… He says we should go South to Teufeldorf.” Charsen bit his lip and furrowed his brows. “I agree with him… the Church doesn’t have as much influence down there.”

“Nothing binds me to this place,” Elaana spoke quietly as she looked off to the southern horizon. “But those mountains… something stirs fear within me as I think of them… yet I feel equally drawn to them.”

“I will go,” Reynard brushed off his leather armor and nodded at Charsen. “I think it’s wise, and we need to protect Kailen from those people.”

Kailen looked out the door when her name was spoken and she grabbed her knives from the air. “I am ready to leave when you are.”

“Then if it’s agreed, we should leave at Dawn. Collect anything you may need… I do not know when we will return.” Charsen looked back at the orphanage with a concerned look in his eye.

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25 March 08

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