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Krezk is a huge city in comparison with Vallaki – numerous Inns, specialized shops and streets full of townsfolk are shocking to Charsen and Reynard, though Elaana expressed neither unease nor familiarity. Charsen was excited to see dozens of priests from his faith in a giant Cathedral to the Dawnbringer, though he was still uncertain as to what he would be doing at the summons. Elaana and Reynard elected to stay at a nearby Inn until Charsen was done, as they did not feel especially comfortable in the Church.

Charsen went to the monastery and took up residence in a spartan chamber, as was the standard for the monks and visiting priests. Charsen met with Christoph and they made cordial apologies and essentially called a truce concerning their previous encounter. They spoke briefly about the meeting, and Christoph seemed to take an interest in Charsen’s well-being, though what prompted such concern was unclear to Charsen.

Shortly thereafter, someone knocked at the door to the cell. To Charsen’s surprise, a masked man stood there for a moment without saying a word. Then he mumbled, “You weren’t supposed to be here…” before he splayed his hand against the door and pushed it open forcefully. Charsen tried to calm the man, but he would have none of it and so violence swiftly ensued.

The masked man pulled out a sword and charged at Charsen, who had withdrawn to the middle of the room, closer to Christoph. Using the lamp and bed posts as partial diversions and shields, Charsen was able to avoid many significant wounds, especially since he was wearing his official robes and therefore unarmored. There was no apparent hesitation in Christoph’s moves as he took Charsen’s side immediately and helped fight back the assailant. Both priests took heavy wounds, but the man ended up taking a significant knock to the head, causing him to pass out. Charsen brought the man onto his bed, bandaged his head, and asked Christoph to watch him until he returned, as Charsen was worried that such an attack might have been sent to Elaana and Reynard as well.

Indeed, back in the Inn, Elaana and Reynard felt as though they were being watched. They talked for a while about the state of their travels, and about Reynard’s visions of his mother. For several nights, Reynard thought he saw his mother standing at the foot of his bed holding a box. Before they left Vallaki days earlier, he talked to his uncle who actually gave him this strange jewelry box. As he was explaining this to Elaana, they once again felt as though they were being closely watched, and they started to get up to leave when Charsen came bursting through the door covered in blood.

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25 March 08

Full Text Hollow Faith

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