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Reynard’s mother stood at the foot of his bed, rummaging through the box that his cousin gave him weeks ago. She looked up and frantically rubbed a pale band around her ring finger and continued searching through the box.

Forgive who never showed you kindness,
Trust the one who deceives you,
Return what was stolen.

Those were the words as spoken to Reynard in the same dream that haunted him night after night, but instead of waking up in a sweat due to his own dream, he woke up in a jolt to the sound of Elaana screaming.

Reynard rushed to Elaana and Kailen’s cabin, though Kadar refused to wake. When he arrived, he saw Kailen bent over Elaana with a wet rag on her forehead.

“What happened?” Reynard stood with the door open, as he expected Charsen would burst in as soon as he could run up from the Church.

“Nightmare, I think,” Kailen grunted.

Charsen heaved as he slid to a halt at the doorway. “Elaana? Is she – oh sweet Dawn!” He dropped his mace at the door and scrambled to her bedside.

“I’m fine,” Elaana protested and rubbed her forehead. “It was a dream.”

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26 March 08

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Sins of the Father Charsen