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The troupe arrived in Teufeldorf in late Summer, and their stay stretched on for weeks.

The town of Teufeldorf was grateful for the return of the ore, and more importantly the clearing of the troubles in Dinal, so they offered the four troll-killers two houses on the outskirts of town – homes that belonged to some of the families that were lost in the recent massacre. The troupe accepted their offer most sincerely, as otherwise the homes would have gone abandoned. Elaana stayed in the larger cabin with Kailen, and Reynard stayed with Kadar in the home just next door.

Charsen stayed at the Chapel, where Father Floren gladly shared the responsibility of the Church duties with Charsen. He was a kind yet fairly lazy fellow, who seemed to be relieved of the burden of the chapelwhen Charsen introduced himself as an acolyte.

For the next few weeks, Elaana helped the local farmers plant crops and aided in gathering of essential herbs and wild plants. Without her gift for plant life, it would have been next to impossible to store enough food for the upcoming winter now that a significant portion of the outer homesteads were destroyed by the troll. Similarly, Reynard hunted in the nearby woods with some of the locals during the days and evenings. He brought back enough game to supply the families who lost loved ones during the tragedy in Dinal, and both he and Elaana were celebrated for their selfless contributions to the small village.

Kailen spent much of her time at the local Inn where she became quite friendly with a local blind musician named Jonas. After a few weeks it was clear that the friendship between Kailen and Jonas was developing heartily. Kadar was deeply concerned with his books, and rarely left the house unless he was prodded or hungry.

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Full Text Rest in Peace

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