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The troupe decided to return to Vallaki immediately, and so they spent a short time saying good-bye to their neighbors and friends in Teufeldorf. Kailen went to the Teufeldorf Inn to speak privately with the blind musician Jonas. Charsen bid farewell to Father Floren, who seemed quite disappointed – not because he particularly liked Charsen, but because he would then be solely responsible for the Church there.

They knew it was not a permanent end for their life in Teufeldorf, as they planned to return with allies to defeat the cold king of Winter, Raioleges in Forlorne. When that time comes, they will have to pass through Teufeldorf to collect Sayarra and stop at the stone circle for rest and meditation.

Their journey to Teufeldorf from Vallaki took nearly a week, and so they expected the same on the way back. However on the fourth day, they found a fresh campsite on what is otherwise an abandoned road.

“Three of them, and they went into the woods within the past half hour,” Reynard touched the ground with his index finger and pressed it into the dirt to gauge their weights. “Light armor, not carrying heavy loads.”

Charsen looked at the sun as it dipped below the horizon and back to the others. “We should make camp, if they come, they come. We have no place to run.”

“Should we light a fire? It might attract them,” Elaanara asked as she pulled out her fur bedroll and placed it on the ground.

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27 March 08

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