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Charsen met with Father Lorne just after Dawn and waited until the orphans scattered out to the yard to play before broaching the issue of the Dark Temple. They worked together, quietly cleaning off the dishes from the breakfast table, and it was clear that Father Lorne could sense Charsen needed to talk. Charsen talked about Forlorne and Elaanara as soon as he returned to the orphanage, and Father Lorne hugged him as soon as the young priest returned to the Church, but he did not bring up the reason for their return to Vallaki.

He opened his mouth to speak of the subject several times, but couldn’t gather the correct words. Finally he turned to Father Lorne and spoke in a slow and quiet voice, “Father. I have been having dreams... Of a temple in the forest not far from here…”

Father Lorne placed the dishes on the table and eased himself into a chair slowly.

“With spires and dark towers… a voice calls out my name,” Charsen’s hand was on his forehead as he recalled the dream that haunted his nights.

“Charsen,” Father Lorne pulled out a chair for Charsen, who sat next to the man who raised him from birth, but now avoided looking into Charsen’s eyes. “Years ago… twenty, to be exact, I was sent to this town with another man, Darius, to investigate a threat. Cardinal Valen sent us from Barovia to seek out this Dark Temple – which we did – and to remove the threat – which we also did.

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30 March 08

Full Text Smoke and Mirrors

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