Headlines For Lorne

For Lorne


Father Lorne was taken into custody by the Church of the Morninglord in Barovia Proper against his will.

Charsen, Reynard, Elaana, Kailen and Kadar went to Barovia Proper to retrieve Father Lorne.

Kailen was disguised as Reynard’s veiled wife to avoid attention, since she is a “wanted monster”.

They met with Bishop Vostov, who used some sort of psychic power on Elaana, but seemed unnerved by it.

Kadar kept Bishop Vostov’s psychic powers at bay with his own powers, but nearly collapsed as a result.

Bishop Vostov did not scan Charsen, Reynard or Kailen (who was not there.)

Father Lorne was returned to them, but he was visibly shaken and definitely suffered mental/psychic trauma.

Fearing for the safety of Kailen and Elaana, as well as the others, Father Lorne strongly suggested that they leave Vallaki immediately and go into hiding.

25 March 08

Headlines For Lorne

Sins of the Father Charsen