Headlines Grim Tidings

Grim Tidings


They were attacked by assassins on the road from Krezk. The assassins were killed, and almost killed Elaana and Kadar and his horse.

Charsen used magic (unknown to him) to heal Elaana, Elaana used magic (intentionally disguised as an herb) to heal the horse.

The assassin is affiliated with the other assassin that attacked Charsen in Krezk.

Father Lorne and Kailen were missing, and a dead Church official was in Elaana’s home.

They followed a blood trail and found Kailen in an earthen mound in the woods, healing.

They found out Father Lorne was kidnapped and taken to Barovia Proper, and the Church official was tracking a Caliban (Kailen).

They decided Kailen killed the Church official in self-defense.

They are setting out for Barovia Proper to rescue Father Lorne.

25 March 08

Headlines Grim Tidings

Sins of the Father Charsen