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Elaana had a dream about Reynard’s fate, where he must forgive, trust and recover a stolen ring.

Elaana had progressively worse nightmares about Forlorne, the land to the South in the mountains.

They decide to go to Forlorne to investigate Elaana’s past in hopes of curing her nightmares.

Reynard has a psychic episode where he talks to a Vistani fortune teller about his future and the Sight.

They travel through the mountains until they reach Forlorne, where Elaana is transformed into an icy fey by Feydras, her spirit guide.

Feydras was the creature that healed Kailen in a previous session.

Forlorne is controlled by Raiolegis, king of the Winter Court, who staged a war that nearly exterminated the other houses.

Elaana recovered her family banner from Forlorne.

Elaana now remembers her entire history, and is now “Elaanara” since she now understands that she is fey and not human.

It is Elaanara’s plan to take back Forlorne from Raiolegis and to restore the balance.

26 March 08

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