Headlines Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace


Charsen, Kadar, Elaana and Kailen lived in Teufeldorf for weeks after defeating the troll at Dinal.

Elaana had dreams about Charsen and a dark temple, Kailen and a dead baby, and Reynard’s mother’s lost ring.

Elaana’s magical flame used to kill the troll was still burning weeks later.

Charsen saw the troll’s spirit attacking spirits of the Dinal villagers for sport.

Reynard awakened to magic with the help of Elaana and Sayarra, a local herbalist.

They followed the troll into the spirit plane to defeat him on his own terms.

Elaana saw an ancient tower and was struct with intense sadness about her home.

Elaana bartered for protection against hellhounds with a tree spirit with leaves for hair.

Charsen noticed the leaves for hair and believes Elaana to be something similar to a dryad.

They defeated the troll and the spirits of the villagers were at peace.

26 March 08

Headlines Rest in Peace

Sins of the Father Charsen