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Rest in Peace


Attackers sought Kadar , but didn’t get him. Kadar seems relieved.

Evan, the surviving thug, was returned to his family.

Charsen awkwardly healed Elaanara’s thigh and chest wound.

Kailen has the singing voice of an angel.

Kadar flirted unsuccessfully with Elaanara.

Reynard got Yurev drunk & had Kadar probe his memories. They found out several things:

Reynard’s mom was rented out as a prostitute by her brother (Reynard’s uncle).

Her belongings were sold to a merchant in Barovia Proper named Bors.

She got pregnant by a Vistani and wouldn’t give Reynard up.

Reynard was treated poorly as a child by his uncle, even if he can’t remember.

Elaanara remembered the dreams where Reynard was holding an axe over his uncle and that he needs to forgive someone…

27 March 08

Headlines Return to Vallaki

Sins of the Father Charsen