Headlines Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors


Charsen’s father is a demon locked up in the Dark Temple by Father Lorne 20 years ago and the Church ordered Father Lorne to monitor Charsen as he grew up.

Charsen, Reynard, Elaanara, Kailen, and Kadar traveled into the woods to find the Dark Temple.

They found a will-o-the-wisp with a willow tree from Forlorne but they left it alone.

They encountered an animated skeleton chopping wood and destroyed it easily.

Two thugs attacked, Reynard killed one despite Charsen telling him not to kill him, and the other was knocked out.

Vaynen, the crazy priest, was ranting in the temple about Charsen breaking a seal, and so they locked him up.

Charsen was taunted by an unseen, unheard voice, and he stepped on a seal that opened a stairway to the lower levels.

They found a chamber with crystal devices used to kill people long ago, they took all the crystals.

There were some hellhounds and empty prison cells on that floor.

A large room was flooded, but there was a necklace in a bedroom that Charsen took because he thought it might be his mother’s.

There was an island floating over an abyss with a red seal around a shackled pole, but nothing in it.

Charsen almost got tricked into entering the seal to release a (fake) child.

Kailen tried to enter the seal to release the child too, but was stopped at the same time that she magically awakened.

The seal said “Blood of the demon itself, a child sacrificed, a love betrayed” – which they assumed meant Charsen’s blood, Kailen’s child, Reynard’s mother.

They left the demon in the seal alone, but noticed the seal was being remotely manipulated. Assumed it was done by Bishop Vostov.

They took Vaynen as they left, Charsen almost killed him when he mocked Kailen, but they gave him to Father Lorne in Vallaki.

The Church’s Cardinal is missing.

30 March 08

Headlines Smoke and Mirrors

Sins of the Father Charsen