Summary For Lorne

For Lorne


Charsen, Elaana, Reynard, Kadar and Kailen traveled to Barovia Proper to uncover the whereabouts of Father Lorne. Disguised as Reynard’s bride with thick clothing and a veil, Kailen returned to the city where she is considered an unholy monster and hid in an inn for the stay.

Once at the Cathedral of the Morninglord, they were summoned to see Bishop Vostov. Charsen extended superficial condolences for the loss of Church soldiers – in reference to the assassins. Bishop Vostov seemed to be overly interested in staring at Elaana and Kadar, who were staring back. It was clear that there was some sort of psychic link between them, though not everyone was aware of this possibility.

Bishop Vostov returned Father Lorne to them and they returned to Vallaki quickly. Father Lorne said that he did not think they were safe in Vallaki any longer, and he suggested that they should all leave town as quickly as possible and return when it was necessary.

25 March 08

Summary For Lorne

Sins of the Father Charsen