Summary Grim Tidings

Grim Tidings


On the way back from Krezk, they were attacked by assassins on the road. The fight was difficult, and Kadar’s horse was fatally injured – or so it seemed. In fact, Reynard and Kadar were wounded significantly as well. During the fight, Elaana was near death, and Charsen stepped between her and an attack to take the blow for her. He prayed to the Morninglord to heal her wounds, and it was done. They dispatched the assassins and found a tattoo identical to the one on the assassin in Krezk that tried to kill Charsen. Elaana healed the horse with magic disguised as herbs.

They returned to Vallaki to find Father Lorne and Kailen missing. They go to search Elaana’s hut for Kailen, thinking she would have gone there in an emergency, but instead of the girl they found a dead Church official. Elaana was concerned that Kailen was hurt when she found a blood trail leading off into the woods. They all went to search for the girl and found a strange mound that was concealing Kailen and seemed to be healing her. They brought her back to the hut and continued to heal her with herbs.

They buried the Church official’s body nearby. Later, Sheriff Bruhn arrived and started asking questions about the missing man. Reynard tried to give an explanation, but ended up frightening Bruhn. They decided they would leave for Barovia Proper to rescue Father Lorne at Dawn.

25 March 08

Summary Grim Tidings

Sins of the Father Charsen