Summary Gruff

For Lorne


Charsen arrives at Elaana’s hut and meets Elaanara, Reynard, Kadar and Kailen. He tells them that Father Lorne thinks they should leave Vallaki immediately because they may be in danger due to their actions involving Bishop Vostov. Kadar seems very interested in leaving, and the others agree that it would be good to avoid any further conflicts.

It takes nearly a week by foot until they get to a small village in the Southern Road named Dinal. They quickly discover it was terribly raided and every inhabitant was slain in the most cruel way and left to rot in their homes.

As they begin to try to bury the villagers, a giant troll swings out of the nearby gully and begins to attack them brutally. The fight was intense, but Elaana produced a magical blue flame and attacked the troll with it. The troll died, and the flame continued to burn without any source. Charsen tried to dismiss the flame, but it was obvious to everyone that it was magical.

They continued to Tuefeldorf, where the villagers were grateful to hear the troll was slain, but devastated to hear of the destruction of the nearby village of Dinal.

25 March 08

Summary Gruff

Sins of the Father Charsen