Summary Hollow Faith

Hollow Faith


Reynard, Charsen and Elaana traveled to Krezk so that Charsen could attend a conference of Church officials. Charsen stayed at the monastery and Elaana and Reynard stayed at a local Inn. Christoph greeted Charsen and quickly called a truce concerning their previous encounter. As Christoph was showing Charsen to his chambers, a masked man attacked and a full out brawl insued.

Charsen and Christoph were significantly injured, but the masked man went down and was subdued and left in the room while Charsen went to find Elaana and Reynard, worried that they were also targets. As they all returned, they found the room empty and the would-be assassin dead on the bed. The authorities had little to say about the attack, and seemed to literally bury the situation entirely.

Charsen was summoned to the Church conference, where he found out that the Bishop of Krezk wanted to acquire the Orphanage in Vallaki and turn it into a base for training holy soldiers. Charsen argued against it, but came away with the distinct impression that Vallaki and Father Lorne were in danger.

On the way back to Vallaki, Elaana told Charsen that his blood smelled of ash and soot, and she was curious about whether he was aware of that. He was not, and was mortified by the thought, but then he saw a sunrise and thought of the Morninglord and felt soothed.

25 March 08

Summary Hollow Faith

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