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In a dream, Elaana hears the words, “Forgive who never showed you kindness, Trust the one who deceives you, Return what was stolen.” in reference to Reynard. Elaana’s dreams about the mountains became more terrible and she woke up screaming about a place called “Forlorne.” Charsen recognizes it as a place far to the south, and so Elaana decides she must go there after speaking with Sayarra.

During the talk with Sayarra, the old woman tells Kailen that there should be two children. Later, Kailen confesses to Charsen that she has a child five years ago when she was only 14, and it died. The Church didn’t let her hold the child, and the woman’s words about two children disturbed her greatly. Charsen tried to comfort her, but he had no answers.

Before they left Teufeldorf, they had a huge meal prepared by Charsen. Then they went to the stone circle and Reynard pulled out some Tarokka cards that he bought in town. When he touched them, he went into some sort of trance where he was talking to a Vistani woman. She said he had the Sight, and he shouldn’t tell other Vistani. He asked her about Forlorne, and she gave vague answers that pointed to danger.

Elaana realized her wolf pup that followed her from Vallaki had found a new pack in the area. They continued to travel along the mountains to the south, and after a few days they reached a gate. A small boy stepped out of no where and asked Elaana if she was sure she wanted to pursue her lost memories. The boy was the same creature that healed Kailen some time ago. She assured the boy that she did, and he transformed her into an icy and tall fey creature.

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