Summary Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace


The group stayed in Teufeldorf from late summer into autumn. The town was grateful for ridding the region of the troll, and gave them small homes as compensation. Kailen became quite friendly with a blind musician named Jonas, Kadar left his books only to eat and sleep, Charsen worked at the local chapel with Father Floren, Elaana helped the farmers repair their crops and gather herbs, and Reynard hunted in the woods for the families that lost loved ones at Dinal.

Kadar asked Charsen to come with him to the flame that still burned on the troll’s remains weeks later. They went there for a day and night, but Charsen kept waking up to screams. Upon investigation, he saw the spirit of the troll ripping apart spirits of the deceased from Dinal. The spirit of the troll noticed Charsen watching and threatened him and Elaana specifically, which enraged Charsen.

Back in Teufeldorf, Elaana had a dream where she saw Charsen being called to a temple in the woods beyond the Orphanage in Vallaki. Then she dreamed of Kailen sobbing over a dead infant, and then of a woman pleading for Elaana to help Reynard find a ring.

Reynard Awakened (magically) with Elaana’s help, and was then able to see and manipulate magic.

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Summary Rest in Peace

Sins of the Father Charsen