Summary Return to Vallaki

Return to Vallaki


After returning from Forlorne, a series of dreams and conversations led the group to decide it was time to return to Vallaki. In particular, that it might be prudent to investigate this strange dark temple that Elaanara saw in her dreams concerning Charsen. Kailen sang on the journey back as the sun rose, and revealed herself to have the voice of an angel.

While travelling back to Vallaki, they ran into attackers coming from two distinct groups. Both groups demanded the surrender of Kadar and Kadar alone. The group fought them off, though Elaanara was wounded fairly significantly – Charsen could heal it, though there was some tension in that action. One of the survivors was escorted back to Vallaki where he was given coin and passage back to his family in Krezk in exchange for his word that he would never become a blade for hire again.

Reynard wanted to talk to his cousin Yurev about Reynard’s mother before they went to the dark temple. They got his cousin drunk and found out with the help of Kadar’s psychic coercion that his mother was sold off as a prostitute when her husband died, and Reynard was conceived of one of these visits from a Vistani man. Reynard’s mother wouldn’t give Reynard up when he was born, and so he was treated very poorly as a child even though he can no longer remember those days.

Elaanara recalled a dream where Reynard was holding an axe over his uncle and then she remembered that Reynard’s mother said her son needed to forgive someone that didn’t deserve it.

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Summary Return to Vallaki

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