Summary Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors


Charsen spoke with Father Lorne before they left for the Dark Temple and found out that Charsen’s father was not only a demon in the temple, but that Father Lorne was the priest who originally trapped him in that place. In addition, the Church in Barovia ordered Father Lorne to watch over Charsen as he grew up, presumably in case he displayed dangerous demonic tendencies.

Charsen, Reynard, Elaanara, Kailen, and Kadar traveled into the woods to find the Dark Temple. They ran across a will-o-the-wisp in the woods with a willow tree from Forlorne. Elaanara felt uncomfortable around it, so they left it alone.

They found an old sign for the Temple of Remorse and when they got there, they saw a skeleton that was chopping wood. They quickly destroyed it, but then they were attacked by two living men. A fight ensued, where one was killed despite Charsen telling Reynard not to, and the other was knocked out.

They went inside the temple and found a somewhat crazed man in the library. Turns out he’s the priest named Vaynen who started to go mad and ran into the woods around the time Charsen was born. He talked to Charsen and said the seal needed to be broken, that Charsen would do it, and that the master would be pleased that Charsen was there. They locked him in there and continued into the temple.

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30 March 08

Summary Smoke and Mirrors

Sins of the Father Charsen