Nestled deep within the frigid Balinok Mountains lies the war-torn land of Barovia. A quiet, cold war is brewing between the native Barovians and the expatriated Gundarakites. Barovia is controlled, in theory, by a distant ruler calling himself Strahd; however, in practice, the Church of the Morninglord and its agents are largely responsible for maintaining law and order, which further alienates the Pagan Gundarakites. Our story takes place in the small village of Vallaki. With an estimated population of 500 bodies, the village sits in the shadow of the ancient Malkardis Fortress, a military outpost turned lordly estate that serves as residence of Vallaki’s mysterious ruling family. Serving as the waypoint between the city Krezk and the capital City of Barovia, Vallaki and her citizens often find thewmselves caught up in political battles between families of the much larger citites. The people are frightened, Barovians and Gundarakites alike. Strange things lurk in the wood, outside the lamplight; people have begun to disappear; and strangers randomly visit town and ask bizarre questions. Our plot focuses on a cast of five unlikely adventurers who must forge a kinship and cooperate, or be swallowed by mist and darkness. The orphaned Charsen (paladin), rasied and mentored by Father Lorne, struggles valiantly between his duty to his church, and his devotion to his friends; he is haunted by blood-soaked dreams and waking nightmares. The bastard son of a travelling musician (Vistani), Reynard (ranger) suffers from strange visions. The subject of much fear, wonder, and skepticism, the Fey-born Illana (druid) has no memory of how she came to live amongst humans other than a blind terror ot the mountains to the South. Rescued from corrupt agents of the Morninglord, Kalen (rogue) lives in constant fear of being disovered as a caliban and returned to the clutches of the ruthless Bishop Vostov. Nothing is known of her life before joining the party. For admittedly selfish reasons, the noble Kadar Malkardis (aristocrat) has joined the party and is believed to posess frightening, supernatural abilities.

Sins of the Father

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