Bishop Vostov

A bishop possessing strange powers of the mind, and possibly having goals outside the realm of the Morninglord.


Residence: Barovia Proper Occupation: Priest Age: Middle-aged Gender: Male

History: The Bishop has been part of the Church of the Morninglord for years.

Powers/Abilities: The bishop has powers of the mind that are only barely detectable and able to be blocked by Kadar. He was able to look into Elaana’s mind only briefly, but was shocked by what he saw and pulled away. Kadar was able to shield the others from the bishop’s probes, but it took all of Kadar’s strength and will. Father Lorne was thoroughly exhausted when he emerged from Bishop Vostov’s care, and admitted that he could not defend his thoughts to the Bishop.



It is believed that he held Kailen captive for years, perhaps personally, and may be responsible for the death of Kailen’s child. This is speculative, since Kailen doesn’t like to talk about it. (Home: Game 11)

It’s assumed that the Bishop knows about Kailen’s wherabouts, Charsen’s existence, and Elaana’s odd appearance from Father Lorne’s time held captive by the bishop. (For Lorne: Game 8)

The Bishop is known to possess powers of the mind, and so it is assumed that he may be the one manipulating the seal at the Dark Temple. If so, he may be the one that Vaynen calls “master” – but this is also unknown at this point in time. (Smoke and Mirrors: Game 13)

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Bishop Vostov

Sins of the Father Charsen