Charsens Journal Day 5

When I was a child, I knew I would always be in the Sunlight. I hoped I would forever serve the Morninglord with honor, and that our work would truly benefit others. I dream of a day when an orphanage is no longer needed, but until that day, I want to make sure no one feels unloved in Barovia. Where there is Light, the darkness must yield.

As I grew older in the Church, I felt that there were things at work in Barovia that were larger than myself. Many people felt that my work with the Morninglord was… a joke, for lack of a better word. The Gundarakites are a kind and honest folk in the sense that I believe they want their children to be happy, and they trust in the old ways that have always been used to solve problems. They’re not very open to the love of the Morninglord, though I remind them that they are always welcome. Reception to his Light is not especially enthusiastic anywhere in the rural lands of Barovia, I’ve found.

I do not believe that my companions trust the Church, and I think that distrust extends to myself as well. I cannot blame them, for I do not know how the Church has treated them in other towns. To be true, I do not know how the Church acts at all in other towns.

In the end, it must be held that there are good and bad people in any faith, whether they are followers of his grace the Morninglord or of the ancient spirits that reside in the rocks and the trees. I do not believe there is only one answer to life. I only hope that the goal of anyone’s faith is to be good at heart, to act on that goodness, and to be generous, especially with love.

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Charsens Journal Day 5

Sins of the Father Charsen