Church of the Morninglord

The Official Church of the Morninglord

Central Church: Barovia Proper Head Clergyman: Bishop Vostov Agents of the Church: Cristophe

The Official Church of the Morninglord is located in a massive Cathedral complex in Barovia City. It has many priests and monks as well as knights and soldiers of the faith.

It is clear that one of the goals of the Church is to acquire the orphanage in Vallaki and turn it into a training center for the main Church’s knights after Father Lorn retires or is otherwise no longer in charge of the Church.

Known Goals:
  • acquiring Cailen (again, possibly “for good”)
  • turn the orphanage in Vallaki into a training ground for soldiers of the main Church (possibly killing Father Lorn)
Official Actions taken by the Church:
  • held Lorn against his will for days, possibly probing his mind.
  • tried to read the minds of the troupe.
  • held and tortured Cailen for unknown periods of time.
  • may have sanctioned assassins to kill Charsen.
  • gave Christophe the authority to murder in order to acquire a single person (Cailen)

Church of the Morninglord

Sins of the Father Charsen