Elaanas Diary Day 1

o whomever may find this of import,

My name… well… I believe my name to be Elaana. My memories from before I came to reside here in this place called Vallaki, or rather, on the outskirts of it in a dilapidated mill are fuzzy and come mostly to me in nightmares. My time here has been hard yet uneventful. I know little about myself except that I look different enough from the natives that I am held somewhere between awe and fear by the group called the Gundarakites and with general comtempt by the others across the river.

Today, however, would be different.

It was to my great surprise that I received a visitor. A servant from what I can only guess is some noble family called Malkardis came bearing an invitation to a party and a gown. I had no idea why I could possibly be invited to such an event… but against my better judgment I decided to go. I guess the loneliness has gotten to me more than I had even realized…

Ere I could arrive at the Malkardis estate I saw two other figured dressed as equally refined along the path leading up from the town to the great estate which loomed over Vallaki. I recognized the two of them. The first was a hunter, a Gundarakite I believe, by the name of Content Not Found: Reynard. I recognized him as I often find myself out in the surrounding forest as I feel at home out there… at least if I don’t wander too far. Not all in that forest is good… The other was a man named Charsen who is a man of the cloth. They both seemed very friendly and as equally puzzled as to why they had been invited. Spurned forward by a sense of camaraderie we entered the Malkardis estate.

After an awkward dinner, where I felt more than one eye boring deep into me, we were invited to a private audience with none other than the Lord of the Estate, Korovan Malkardis. He said we all seemed capable and he wanted us to accompany his nephew, Kadar, to venture into a ruined city south of Vallaki in search of some arcane artifact. Although I had no interest in the promised gold I agreed to go on this venture. If nothing else I looked forward to not being by myself, even if just for a night.

Also, I get the feeling Korovan knows something of who I may be… so hopefully by completing this task I may learn a little more about myself.

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Elaanas Diary Day 1

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