Elaanas Diary Day 2

If I was worried about becoming bored I believe traveling with this group will alleviate this ailment. We met this morning right outside of Vallaki and left shortly after the break of dawn. The walk was largely uneventful. We walked largely in silence but it gave me time to reflect. I know little about this Kadar... he seems a useless fop. I guess that’s why they sent us along so he doesn’t get lost along this path. Content Not Found: Reynard was also quiet. The other, however… I felt as though he studied me the whole way from Vallaki to Vokor. He probably plans to convert me to his odd religion... but he doesn’t seem malevolent at all. He probably thinks he can save me. Maybe I should let him…

We arrived after a couple hours when the one who had been studying me, Charsen, seemed to go into some kind of trance. This seemed to interest Kadar quite a bit… yet for some reason didn’t surprise me. He described some kind of horrific event… of a darkness with fangs and claws that came and killed everything in this town. He seemed shaken but otherwise unharmed for the experience. I’ve noticed that people here seem to find something… evil… about visions and people with powers. I’ve been forced to… well… keep my own abilities in check. I seem to recall that I used to be able to use them openly but who can say for sure. For now it is best if I just pretend to be one of them.

I digress. After his vision we entered what I believe used to be a library. After searching around for some time we eventually found a secret area where they kept old relics of an age past. The room filled me with some dread, but I could not give it a name. Our companion Kadar, however, has grown a new layer of mystery. He seems to possess some sort of second sight that allowed him to find the secret room almost instantly… perhaps not everyone here is not devoid of gifts. Why they hide it I know not. At any rate, I believe we’ve found the relic we sought, but as it was dark out we have decided to stay here the night. It makes me uneasy but I feel I should rest. I doubt we were hired and given such a large amount of money for no reason and we may need our strength come tomorrow.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t right… as we left this morning from Vokor we were assaulted by bandits who wanted any valuables we possessed. Since we were hired to protect Kadar we fought and killed the bandits. Reynard was injured and I helped him… mend... I was able to pass it off that he was not so injured but Kadar saw through it. I doubt he will be ratting me out though as he is certainly hiding his own secrets.

After we returned to Vallaki, the Vistani celebration was in full swing. As I’ve heard the Vistani are travelers I thought maybe one of them may recognize me or at least where I may come from. I ended up speaking to their seer who unfortunately said she was not able to help me until I helped myself. I thanked her none the less and went on… such seems to be my lot. I have faith though that one day I’ll realize who I am.

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Elaanas Diary Day 2

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