Shadow Choir

Charsen has no other words to describe them. On a few occasions, he felt like he was being watched, but there was no one present. Only one time did he actually see something in his mind’s eye.

In times of crisis when he must decide whether he could abandon his faith, his hope or his friends, or when he has the option to do something he believes is wrong, he senses the presence of a group of beings that are somehow interested in his choice.

They stand beyond his sight and silently play witness to his actions. He has made no attempt to investigate them, as he believes them to be hallucinations or worse – real.

He has felt the Shadow Choir when he was deciding whether to help Elaana and Reynard with Cailen, and later when he left his Church, and again when he assisted Elaana and Reynard with defeating the Spirit Troll.

The one time he saw them clearly in his mind was when he decided to help Elaana and Reynard with Cailen. He had to choice to help Cristophe in harming his own friends or to help his friends by harming Cristophe. He chose to help Elaana and Reynard because he believed in them, and at that moment he saw a vision of himself running toward a cliff at full speed and suddenly coming to a halt in front of a row of robed shadowy figures. It lasted only a moment.

Shadow Choir

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