To Krezk

After dealing with the strange ashen beasts, Father Lorne informed Charsen that he should attend a Barovian Church of the Morninglord official council in Krezk. Father Lorne felt that it was time for Charsen to take on more duties with the Church of the Morninglord, but he warned that there was a cancer in the Church that might seek to sway or even harm Charsen. Charsen understood this to mean that he should not travel alone, but he also knew that Kailen would not be safe on the roads due to her inhuman appearance.

Charsen asked Elaanara and Reynard to come with him to Krezk, though he half expected them to refuse. They did agree because, as they explained, they were concerned about the influence of the Church of the Morninglord in Vallaki. Charsen left Kailen in the orphanage under the care of Father Lorne, and they set off to the city of Krezk to the west.

They were advised that it would take about a day or two to get to town, but they would be able to stay at a Merchants’ Inn positioned along the main trade road. They were fortunate enough to be able to take two horses, and so they made their way to the Inn in no time. As the sun began to set below the forested horizon, they estimated the ride to the Inn would be only an hour or two off. The troupe spoke to each other about the ashen beasts, deciding they were unnatural even for Barovian woods.

Over the course of the day, it was apparent that Elaanara was being followed by the surviving wolf pup from the other day. She assured the rest of the group that the wolf was not aggressive, and they questioned her no more.

With a sickening pop, Kadar’s horse fell on its front legs and Kadar was thrown to the ground. Reynard knew it was a trap, and he ran back to assist Kadar while Charsen and Elaanara pulled the other horse behind the tree line to shield it from the attacks. Crossbow bolts popped against tree trunks by their heads, but the attackers were otherwise still hidden.

For several minutes sporadic bolts pelleted their meager natural tree-shields. Charsen and Elaanara became separated as Kadar climbed a tree to get a better view of the situation. Charsen was looking for his armor in the horse pack when he realized Elaanara was missing, and he began to move after her immediately. The fight came head to head with their hidden attackers when Kadar’s tree caught fire from some sort of thrown firebomb, causing the portly scholar to tumble to the ground again, cursing and howling in pain.

Elaanara pulled two attackers from their position, and another was approached from behind by Reynard. Charsen charged into the fray and attacked one of Elaanara’s attackers and managed to help her take him down. Charsen saw the next man swing at Elaanara, causing a large wound to swell along her body. Foolishly, Charsen stepped between Elaanara and the attacker, taking the full blow to Charsen’s side as he laid his hands upon her soul and prayed to his Lord for her health. When he was satisfied with her health, he had taken several hits himself, nearly to his own demise. However, the remaining foe was quickly defeated when the troupe focused their final strikes on a single target.

Elaanara wrapped some twigs and berries around the horse’s wounded leg, and discovered that it would be able to walk to the Inn. It was difficult for the group to travel to the Inn, but they made it before too long, and they rested through the night without incident.

Charsen wasn’t wearing armor because he was wearing his official priestly attire as an emissary from Vallaki. He thought that the roads would be safe since he’s a bit naive. This is a continuation of the larger plot that takes the troupe to Krezk and back again, but it took place over a few game sessions.

To Krezk

Sins of the Father Charsen